Sporty October!

Postet av Knutsen OAS Shipping / KNOT den 26. Sep 2022

 Autumn is here and we are starting the sports campaign 2022 - "Sporty October". The campaign is open and you collect points regardless of the activity you engage in. Max points for a day is 3.

We had same type of campaign in 2019. As last time, we will use the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's sports portal for registration and an overview of the results in the campaign.


Sjømannsidretten (

Register with a profile on the website or log in if you already have an account. During registration, you connect to Knutsen OAS Shipping. Select then your vessel / office that you belong to.


Graphical user interface

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It is possible to automatically synchronize training over to the Seaman's Sports. It requires that one must spend a couple of minutes the first time as we have to connect via another service. Unfortunately, Garmin and Polar Flow cannot "talk" directly to the Seaman's Sport, but Strava (the world's leading training app available in a free version) can. Here follows a simple sketch:


1. Create a profile (free) on Strava.

2. This can then be synchronized directly with your account on Garmin Connect. Go into your new profile on Strava and link your Garmin Connect/ Polar Flow to it.

3. Then you are ready for the Seaman's Sport. Go to "my page" and then to "Treningsdagbok".

4. Then select Strava, and then you only need to enter your profile name and password to link this to the Seaman's Sport.


Although it seems difficult to have to go via another app, this is completely unproblematic. Shortly after the session has been uploaded to Garmin/Polar Flow, it can be found in both Strava and Sjømannsidretten.

Our campaign "Sporty October" will be linked to your activities after you are registered under Knutsen OAS Shipping.



Good luck!




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